Building Lighthouses of Hope
across Spokane and beyond

Catch the Vision of The Lighthouse

Building Lighthouses of Hope across Spokane and beyond
from the resources raised by the Still Waters Photo.

lives changed at the lighthouse Few street ministries can continue to operate because they lack the resources . . . until now! The Still Waters picture has been gifted to the Off-Broadway Ministry Building Lighthouse Project! All funds will be used to raise resources to help build the lighthouse and to fuel the ministry so in turn, the trained leadership can help birth new lighthouses across the city.

A 10 minute presentation is available upon request to see how collectively we can change the face of our city.

You may view the lighthouse mural on the corner of Nettleton and Broadway (physical address W. 2222 Mallon) or call (509) 998-2630.

With the low income housing in Spokane becoming rather scarce and almost impossible to find, the people from the downtown apartments are left without HOPE following the sale of the large downtown apartments for high rise condominiums.

Hope? Yes indeed, there is Hope alive at the Off-Broadway Family Outreach ministry (OBFB) affectionatly called the Lighthouse located in West Central Spokane on the corner of Nettleton and Broadway.

The old pole barn will house the future lighthouse and the pastor and his workers who are volunteers who have been transformed from a life of gangs, drugs, depression, to be the very ones who are helping reach the lost. Click the picture on the right for a larger view and read the story of the hidden panther and the other stories on this website as evidence of HOPE from God's perspective.

The painting of the lighthouse on the side of the building in the photo on the left depicts the lighthouse that will be built one brick at a time by the people from the neighborhood called Felony Flats, in Spokane's West Side. The corner lot has been referred to by the OBFO team as Fell-On-Knee Flats.

Today, there are over 200 handprints on the side of the pole barn (click image for a larger view) that represent people in the "hood" who are signing on to peace (ex meth and drug addicts, ex gang leaders, ex Arian nation leader, ex convict, ex street people). The contract is between them and God that they will walk in peace on the streets at Off-Broadway!

We are believing the sales from the proceeds of the picture of the hidden panther (see image on the right), called Still Waters, and God's resources will help build the lighthouse and meet the needs of the ministry to the people.

Raising funds for the Lighthouse ministry God's Way!

Still Waters Creations has generously offered the very much welcomed and highly sought after "Still Waters Photo" to gain resources for meeting the needs of people & for raising up the Lighthouse at Off-Broadway Family Outreach!

  • 11 x 14 canvas signed and numbered print sent to our monthly supporters as a token of our appreciation for helping spread HOPE across our city. Please add my name to the monthly supporters of OBFO at suggested $20.00 per month or more (this will be a monthly charge deducted from your PayPal Account or Credit Card.

    You may also address your tax deductible monthly support to:
    Off-Broadway Family Outreach
    P.O. Box 9813
    Spokane, WA, 99201

  • of $20.00 for a 8 x 10 signed glossy Still Waters photo.
  • of $10.00 for a 5 x 7 glossy Still Waters photo.
  • of any amount to the Off-Broadway Family Outreach Ministry

Thank you for reaching out with love around the world, one life at a time!

Jan Foland, OBFO

(Jan is a retired teacher Spokane School District 81 - 33 years at Shaw and Rogers retiring from Salk Middle School. Ministering to the hopeless and lost from 1 to 101)

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